The Afiya Trust Campaign – Living in the Margins

Empowering BME voices against the cuts and securing healthy futures

Mission Statement:

Living in the Margins is a social media based campaign, empowering the most vulnerable groups, led by The Afiya Trust, to alleviate health inequalities for BME families in a climate of cuts.

Our Core Messages in the Campaign:

  • Living in the Margins is the first campaign of its kind in the UK working to reduce inequalities for BME families and voluntary and community organisations.
  • This social media influenced campaign will lobby local and national government, work with the BME voluntary and community sector and BME families to tackle the adverse affects of race specific health inequalities, in a climate of cuts.
  • As BME families have historically encountered barriers in accessing equitable health and social care services and outcomes, the campaign aims to provide them with the tools to challenge the cuts in their communities and protect the services they need.

About The Afiya Trust:

The Afiya Trust is a national charity that works to reduce inequalities in health and social care provision for people from racialised communities.

The Afiya Trust was set up in 1997 to pioneer in addressing health inequalities for BME service users and carers and promote the health and wellbeing of BME communities. Nearly 14 years later, the role of The Afiya Trust is even more pivotal in reducing health inequalities, with the most radical restructuring of our NHS since its creation. That combined with austerity measures we need a stronger voice in promoting equitable health and social care services for BME service users and carers.

Supporting Partners

Carers UK is a charity set up to help the millions of people who care for family or friends. The charity influences policy makers, employers and service providers, to help them improve carers’ lives.