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Eastenders star Nina Wadia

Eastenders star Nina Wadia
“People rely on community organisations to provide counselling, respite and opportunites to socialise with people going through the same experiences. If services like these continue to disappear we will see such a detrimental affect on communities as a whole. The government needs to listen to the people being affected by the cuts and recognise the serious impact this will have, particularly on BME communities. This campaign gives a voice to those communities, it is now time for the government to listen.”

Poet Benjamin Zephaniah

Renowned British poet Benjamin Zephaniah
“It is vital that we have a campaign that is really willing to look at what the Government needs to do, and what we as a community can do. Living in the Margins is what we are all doing right now, and the harsh reality is that BME people are feeling disadvantaged more than ever. This cannot go unchecked. We have to mobilise. This is why I’m backing the campaign; we need to show the government the reality of its actions. If we don’t who will?”

Imani Harrison of Malachi Mentoring Services

As a voluntary based service Imani says they have faced many challenges in securing funding to ensure her service to the community stays afloat.

Imani Harrison of Malachi Mentoring Services (mp3)

Dana Abbas

Dana believes that governement cuts have failed those disadvantaged and believes it has affected his support services to service users.

Dana Abbas of Kurdish Housing (mp3)

Kabba Koroma manager of Family Services UK

Kabba discusses the impact the cuts have had to the service he provides to his service users.

Kabba Koroma manager of Family Services UK (mp3)

Interview with Chinese elder

Living in the Margins talks to a Chinese elder about the Hackney Chinese Community Services and she explains how valuable the service has been to her. Interpretation is provided by Richard Chan, assistant centre manager.

Chinese Elder (mp3)

Joyceline Gustave ELBWO Manager

Joyceline discusses the difficulties the ELBWO centre is currently experiencing in a climate of government funding cuts.

Joyceline Gustave ELBWO Manager (mp3)